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In early 2022, God gave me the dream to start a faith-based magazine for women as a way to provide resources and a structured approach to developing their faith in Christ. The name She Ascends is an encouragement to women to rise higher in Christ and is inspired by my darling daughter whose name means "strong, she ascends, and noble." Early on in my pregnancy with her, doctors told me I would likely miscarry her. They said if I didn't miscarry, she would be weak and very sickly. So they offered me the option to terminate the pregnancy. I vividly remember the impact of their words, the confusion, and the gripping fear I felt. Thankfully, my husband was also in the room that day and overheard everything. When the doctor stepped out to give us a moment to think about how we'd move forward with their news, my husband immediately reminded me that we still had another option: to put our faith in God. As Jesus did in Mark 5:21-43, we chose faith over fear. During that tough season, God reminded of the meaning of my daughter's name. Though the doctors said she would be weak, her name meant strong. They said she wouldn't make it, but we chose to believe she would ascend - she would rise above the challenge and be what God called her to be. Today, she is a thriving 8-year-old. She's kind-natured, intelligent, and wildly talented. I may have never known the miracle of who she is had I not recalled the meaning of her name and the promises of God.

 And that is my desire for you. My prayer is that regardless of what you may be facing, you continue to put your hope in our great God. I pray that through She Ascends Magazine, products and services, you would be clearer on God's plan and purpose for your life and grow in confidence. May you be enriched, encouraged, and empowered to go higher in your relationship with Christ and walk in His purpose for your life.


Kirkland, WA

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