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Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Author: Bamana Larsen


We all have God-given gifts and abilities - divine grace that enables us to fulfill what God has called us to. Yet, at times we let doubt and fear lie to us and tell us we’re unqualified or incompetent. This happens often, the moment we’re asked to step out of our comfort zone to do or talk about something we’re graced to do. But, pushing past doubt, nervousness, and fear helps develop us and expand our capacity. It also produces a sense of fulfillment.

Though dealing with doubt or feelings of inadequacy is common, especially when trying something new, you don’t need to remain a hostage to it. It’s important to deal with the internal battle, so that it doesn’t keep us from stepping forward. Whether you call it fear, doubt or Imposter Syndrome, with God you can overcome it.

Thinking too highly of ourselves and not thinking highly enough about ourselves is a delicate balance. If you regularly wrestle with self-doubt or thoughts about being seen as a fraud, know that that’s not what God thinks about you. Scripture tells us that Satan is “the accuser of the brethren” (Revelation 12:10). He is the one who tries to find fault with us. God, on the other hand, is for us (Romans 8:31). Be reminded that He has called you and is working in and through you to accomplish His will (Philippians 2:13). You’re not alone.

Below are several steps to help you overcome self-doubting, so that you can own your unique God-given abilities.

Meditate on the Scriptures.

It’s important to not just read the Word of God, but to meditate on it. We should see and use God’s Word as our foundation of truth (John 17:17). Staying in the Word of God helps us to recognize and respond to Him. Read, speak, and study the Scriptures to transform your life and build your faith.

Stop comparing yourself.

One of the reasons we feel inadequate is because we spend so much time looking around at what other people are saying and doing. You are pretty competent at something. And since you’ll never truly know just how other people work or what they feel when they’re left with their own thoughts, you can’t accurately say if you’re less than. Scripture tells us that measuring ourselves by others or comparing ourselves with them is unwise (2 Corinthians 10:12).

Step out of your comfort zone.

This is definitely a line I keep on repeat. It’s a constant reminder to put one foot in front of the other. The comfort zone will try to swallow you up and keep you stuck in the mundane. The truth is, no real change will happen as long we remain comfortable. The cure for fear or discomfort is action. When your feet try to fail you, take a step anyway. Take action even if it’s imperfect. This is the only real cure from staying stagnant. Forward progress, even if it’s inch-by-inch, is better than no progress at all.

Extend yourself some grace.

Often, we can be so good at showing grace to others. Yet, instead of treating ourselves with the same level of understanding, we become our harshest critic. As Denzel Washington so eloquently stated in the movie Great Debaters, “Would you punch yourself in a street fight? ...Then don’t do it in a word fight.” Any time you try something new, there’s a learning curve. Allow yourself time to grow into your new space.

Believe. Do. Repeat.

Repetition is good for learning. Doing something repeatedly creates a habit and the desired results.

The more we take these steps to overcome self-doubt, the more powerful we become. We’re all so gifted. Let’s do our diligence to not let imposter syndrome - the doubt and fear that lie to us and tell us we’re incompetent - steal our joy or stop us from moving forward.


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